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Below is an outline of some test steps for a form to replace the multi-step peer review deposit process via this google form, which deposits them to a google spreadsheet like this, where they're copied to the relevant article talkpage, and noted down on this tracking table, and maybe at some point will have their metadata added to Wikidata. Most respondents on this form will not have wikimedia accounts. Need to either smoothly handle creating account at beginning of page, or maybe even handle this whole thing as Special:CreateAccount fields? (Mediawiki question)


  1. Title of work reviewed (not necessary if just being added at talkpage
    • Should the form search the wiki for article names or is this a new title?
      • Yes! that'd be ideal.
  2. Timestamp (automatic)
  3. Email (hidden? maybe not necessary if deposition)
  4. Name
  5. Affiliation (find possible examples in wikidata?)
  6. Faculty webpage
  7. Are you happy to have your identity open? (Have my identity open (preferred) / Have my identity anonymised; maybe offer open identity after 20yr embargo time?)
  8. Relevant credentials/experience to demonstrate suitability as reviewer for this article (if Q7 = Anonymous, required; else optional)
  9. Review comments (paragraph; no max length; enable VisualEditor?)
  10. I would like to see this article after author responses (tickbox)
  11. PDF upload (option to upload a pdf file to be included on the page)
    • If possible, automatically generated name and summary based on answers above, e.g. "Peer review of article name by reviewer name.pdf"
  12. Any conflicts of interest, explain if yes (Default = "The author(s) declare no COI" or space to write paragraph)
  13. I agree for my review to be public and linked to from the reviewed work (under the Creative Commons Attribution License) (tickbox)