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Below is an outline of some test steps for a form to replace authorship declaration form. Not all questions implemented, just an experiment for some of the different features.


  1. Your name
  2. Your email
  3. Your Affiliation (select from wikidata?)
  4. Your ORCID
  5. (repeat as needed) steps 1-4 for any additional authors
  6. Which journal (dropdown menu, currently = Med / Sci / Hum)
  7. What type of article (research / review)
    • If review
      1. Is it intended to be integrated into Wikipedia?
        • If Yes
          1. (repeat as needed) to which page?
          2. What is the status of that page (missing/stub/start/C/B/GA/FA, ideally pull info from wikipedia but otherwise dropdown)
          3. In its entirety or includes an opinions section that would be ommited from Wikipedia (yes/no)
      2. Does this incorporate any existing written content from wikipedia? Y/N
        • If Yes
          1. from which page?
    • If research
      1. Ethics statement (yes / no / does not apply)?
      2. If Q6=WikiJMed, Patient consent (yes / no / does not apply)?
  8. (repeat as needed)
  9. What license (if, only option=CC BY SA otherwise dropdown of other options with default = CC BY)
  10. Any conflicts of interest, explain if yes (Default = "The author(s) declare no COI" or space to write paragraph)
  11. Do you want your identity anonymised during peer review, i.e. double blinded? (this may be the most difficult, so can ignore for now)


  • Some outputs would be written as parameters to associated wikidata item that would then populate the parameters of a template (e.g. author information).
    Can you explain this further?
  • Other outputs would populate a hidden list and be sent only to the editorial board (e.g. peer reviewer recommendations, or identity if double-blind peer review).
    In general, MediaWiki isn't great with per-page view access, but there may be a way to create a namespace only available to admins. Not sure how "normal" users can write to it, but I can ask around.
  • Automated email to notify editorial board of relevant journal.
    There is an extension that might allow this as a notification.
  • As a note, we can add tooltips and other help to the form pages.